The story of a photographer

I grew up in a family that spent over 5 hours every weekend driving around the great state of Oklahoma. My grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins would all load up in a 15 passenger van and drive out of town to church for 150 miles one way. In a time where mobile phones were reserved for those that would have them installed in their vehicles, our form of entertainment was staring out of the large windows. This ignited my love for visuals. Two years ago I was taking a photo of a landscape in western Oklahoma with my phone and when I returned home I realized that the smartphone camera lacked the ability to express the emotion I felt during that time. Shortly after I attended an event my child was performing in and the same disappointment fell upon me so then I decided to do something about it. Once I dove in head first and asked for a camera for Father's Day, there was no turning back. I enjoy many things, but none so much as capturing moments with a camera. I absolutely love photography and I hope to share that love with you some day. - thebillygreen